Manual Tube Breakers



Miller Manual Tube Breakers are designed to break finned nonferrous heat exchanger tubes in 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” O.D. sizes. They are especially useful in condensers and coolers where tubes must be broken out between baffles and support sheets. No more cutting torches, sawing or breaker bars.


Assemble the MTB-100 breaker and slide it over the tube to be broken in the finned area. Twist the breaker to the left until it stops and then to the right... the broken 2” section will fall away leaving a cleanly severed tube which can easily be pulled through a baffle or support sheet.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile, breaks 5/8” through O.D. tubes all gages with interchangeable heads and 24” extension shafts for reaching deeply into vessels
  • Fast, breaks tubes quickly and cleanly
  • Application specific, designed to fit closely spaced tube bundles and tightly around tube O.D.
  • Powerful, long breaker arms provide leverage to break even the toughest tubes effortlessly
  • Portable, breaks down for shipping into 24” x 19” optional shipping box
  • Safe, no electric, pneumatic or hydraulic service required
  • Rugged, heat treated tool steel construction with baked on black oxide coating for long life


In addition to our complete line of standard products carried in stock, we offer specialty designed tools, built to order, to meet your specific application requirements.

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